What We Do

Created by nature, nurtured in science and brought to life by expertise in R&D, manufacturing and sourcing, we create cost effective, clean label ingredient solutions for our customers and partners.

Why We Do It

Aligned with our core values of simplicity, transparency, and sustainability, our mission is to create solutions that support the nutritional demands of our growing global community.

Clean Label

The clean label movement has created a revolutionary case for change in the food, pet food and personal care industries. Consumers are demanding more transparency and natural ingredients in their products. NuTek Natural Ingredients is always working to make products clean and cleaner to address consumer needs while preserving product integrity and food safety.

Euromonitor estimates that global clean label food sales in 2020 will be worth $180 billion US dollars.

Over 90% of consumers think clean label is positive. Over 80% of consumers find it important to recognize the ingredients in the foods they buy.

Over 50% of global new food and beverage launches now include clean label claims.

Our Products

Natural Salt Solutions


Natural Shelf Life Extenders


Natural Flavor Solutions


Natural Texture Solutions


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