Ingredients Insight Vol 2, 2020 pages 112-113

NuTek Natural Ingredients has answered the public’s call for natural ingredients to provide clean label and healthy solutions during these unprecedented times.  With core values of simplicity, transparency and sustainability, NuTek Natural Ingredients creates solutions that support the nutritional demands of our growing global community

Pandemic outbreak, unprecedented times, rise in death toll, track the spread are all phrases that have been in the news every day since the beginning of 2020.  News about the coronavirus outbreak and the havoc it has wreaked on the world has caused fear for our health and caution to avoid the spread.  It has devastated families, shut country borders and ravaged the world’s economy.

In the shadows of world news, far less is being said about how consumers can prevent the grave effects of disease by living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean-label foods, and avoiding highly processed foods loaded with artificial preservatives and flavors.  However, one company has been working to impact the global health crisis by developing ingredients that are created by nature, nurtured in science, cost effective, and offer clean label opportunities.